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D1.7.3 User Interface Design and Development

D1.7.3 User Interface Design and Development

PaaSage presents business users with the ability to specify business requirements for the deployment of applications on multiple Cloud platforms. In order to deliver this simplicity the project uses a model driven approach where technical models are designed by specialist users for modification by all classes of end user. The creation
of specialist user interfaces enable users to specify, monitor and re-configure Cloud application deployment requirements.


This document describes these interfaces and how they are applied to support various users in the PaaSage lifecycle. Evaluation of the interfaces is conducted in the
evaluation deliverable at the end of the project with focus here being given to the interfaces position in the wider PaaSage technical architecture. At the time of writing at the end of year 3 the selection of user interfaces present low level interfaces to specific model design through to high level business orientated design tools.

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